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Traditional pewter scottish quaich

Posted by Joanne Olivieri on

Traditional pewter scottish quaich
The Quaich the Quaich was for centuries, a common domestic utensil which originated in the highlands of scotland. It was the dish from which the scot supped his porridge and drank his ale. Quaich is derived from the Gaelic "cuach" which, in turn, derives from the Latin "caucus" - a drinking cup. These drinking cups were very widely used in covenanting times and are mentioned in the old Jacobite song:

then let the flowing Quaich go round

and boldly let pibrock sound

till every glen and rock resound

the name of royal Charlie

welcome Charlie, o'er the main

our hieland hills are a' your ain

welcome to our isle again

welcome royal Charlie.

The quaich became the traditional toasting cup of welcome in Scotland on even good wished upon farewell or parting.
Surviving the centuries and mystique of history it is commonly known as Scotland’s cup of friendship.