Whisky Butter Balls

Posted by Joanne Olivieri on 20th Jan 2015

Whisky Butter Ball recipe - from my Mom's recipes. You can use any whisky you like however a sweeter whisky would work best. Smoke and peat
For Peat's Sake

For Peat's Sake

Posted by Joanne Olivieri on 22nd Oct 2014

For a gal who just a few months ago thought the taste of peat was a fire burning in hell, I have come to enjoy the warming sensation of peat

The Whisky Shop Arran 17 Year Old

Posted by Victor R. Hanson on 15th Oct 2014

mmmm Whisky Shop 17yo Arran... a nice spirit with a demer, pears and very malty nose, a spicy vanilla hazelnut pallet; and a