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For Peat's Sake

Posted by Joanne Olivieri on

For a gal who just a few months ago thought the taste of peat was a fire burning in hell, I have come to enjoy the warming sensation of peaty Scotch and whisky.  I guess you could say my palate likes it hot!

It's about the entire package, when drinking Scotch.  The melding of each flavor to appreciate the complexity and balance.  

I recently tried the Laphroaig Select at a whisky tasting and was completely surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this Scotch and all of the peaty goodness. It was recently described to me by a fellow Laphroaig fan, this way.  "When you live in Montreal in the dead of Winter and have to shovel four feet of snow each night, there is nothing more satisfying and warming than drinking a glass of Laphroaig and experiencing that total warming sensation."

Now although I live in California and have never shoveled snow, I still can completely appreciate that scenario.

So, in closing all I can say is I am now a peaty gal with new favorites and tastes.  The Laphroaig Select has become one of my favorites.  Who knew.