• Jura 18 Year Old

    Jura 18 Year Old

    Matured in American white oak and Premier Grand Cru red wine barriques. Ginger, bananas, citrus, raisins and apricots in a tight crisp swirl of flavor and aroma

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  • Jura 21 Year Old, Tide

    Jura 21 Year Old, Tide

    A sweet, fruity and nutty single malt with indulgent waves of depth and intensity In the vast wilderness of our island home, it’s easy to lose track of time. But if you stop a moment in that...

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  • Jura Seven Wood

    Jura Seven Wood

    A balance of French and American oak casks: first-fill ex-Bourbon American white oak, Limousin, Troncais, Allier, Visges, Jupilles and Les Bertranges Barrels. Dry, fruity, and tangy

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